3. FLIP BOOK Presentations

The best view on desktop, laptop and tablet


Click on D1 or D2 to see the presentations live. Please Allow The Flash Player to show the presentation.

Attractive, Wonderful and Cheap Flip Book Presentations

Only 15 Euro/presentation with up to 60 photos/slides
120 photos - 24 Euro, 200 photos - 30 Euro

We offer different presentations depend of photo aspect ratio, please see gallery below from FB01 to FB08. Click on any image to see live presentation in full screen with music. Please reed Note below. See carefully all presentations and choose the best for you. If you want your own music that is 2 Euro more, your logo 2 Euro more and please send us your mp3 file or logo with your photos. 

Note: To see live presentation please Allow Flash Player, click on button    and then Allow

Every presentation have navigation bar with a lot useful tools: 1. Next and Previous Page 2. Zoom  3. Tilt Angle 4. Auto Flip 5. Sound On Off 6. About 7. Bookmark 8. Show Thumbnails 9. Share  10. Print 11. Help 12. Full Screen Please try every tool to see how they work.





4:3 Aspect Ratio


Different Ratio







  1. Pay for our service using PayPal link for most secured payment 
  2. Send us your First and Last name, in the field of Last name write code of your favorite presentation FB01 to FB08 and your email address and upload your images on Link
  3. If you want 2 or 3 presentations with the same photos, pay for our services using PayPal and send us codes of presentations from FB01 to FB08 separated with comma.
  4. For every order of 5 presentation you will get 1 presentation free 

            WHAT YOU WILL GET:

  1. Link with your wonderful presentation for online view on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone in the time of next 2 working days
  2. Working .exe file of your presentation – click here for sample, work without internet on desktop and laptop computers 
  3. ZIP with all Source files